My view on BuzzCity

At the beginning of the article to talk about my own two cases.

A Campaign, optimized for a week, and then put it has been running, the tube is not a tube, a few dozen knife profit every day, cool the big six months to this offer off the assembly line.

campaign B, optimization of the two days, profit also put a running, but a week after a look at “the background data, not your sister ah, every day than in the im many thousands of hits, although still a little profit, but still off the the campaign.
Say that two things, because often see many people posting constantly complain about “junk traffic, run a hundred knife to a, more funny is below there are a lot of people echo.

now each platform has a lot of brush, a night is brushed a few hundred dollars is common, but you if you don’t do anything, but directly said this platform is garbage, this argument is ridiculous.
The first case, this is we all want, but the premise is you want to offer and do a good job in Lp (CPC campaign I don’t how to pay attention to the Bannner CTR, the overall maintained at around 1% – 2% I think also about, but really is, the higher the better, so you get the traffic will be more), the two decided your profitability. Then through continuous testing optimization, remove the transformation is not good Pubid, LP tuning arrangement, then you will lay all can count the money the.
Second cases, obviously encountered a very bad brush. Most brushes or primary, a lot of IP click, a good recognition, but I came across this brush is see “deduct money, don’t see im inside click Show,” background also cannot see the click data of each pubid. So touched it, or directly off the campaign, or the brush can brush more more.
Each platform is not perfect, BuzzCity, Juicy, TForce, TFactory, TJ these platforms, although there is such a disadvantage, but as long as they can make money on these platforms, it is a good platform.
Finally, there is no garbage platform, only the practice of garbage.

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